Byrin Wylie

Powerlifting and Strength Coach

I have been involved in powerlifting since 2012, and am an advocate for general strength building to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals. By combining both bodybuilding and powerlifting-style modalities in my programs, my clients can expect to get strong through a variety of exercises and movements while building muscle at the same time. I am extremely grateful to work with clients of all levels who wish to better themselves physically and mentally through the pursuit of strength. Even when setbacks occur, I’m of the mindset of chasing progress and will do whatever it takes to help you keep moving forward towards your goals.

My powerlifting athletes benefit from having a coach who is extremely active within the sport. I started training for powerlifting in 2012 after trying my hand in bodybuilding, and have been competing in the IPF / CPU since 2013. I have competed as high as the national level, have extensive experience in competition handling & volunteering, and I am continually looking to increase my knowledge in all things strength and health related to better serve my athletes.

Byrin Wylie

Byrin Wylie

Services Offered

In-Person Coaching

Wylie Strength offers in-person coaching services at Evolve Strength south for clients of all levels of experience. Use them for technical analysis on your competitive lifts or for a guided workout.

Online Coaching

Wylie Strength offers online coaching opportunities for all levels of experience. Train at home or at your local gym; no new gym memberships required.

Competitive Coaching

Wylie Strength offers competition handling services for powerlifting athletes, including warm ups, attempt selections, and a post-competition performance review.

Strength Programs


Wylie Strength is in the process of creating pre-made programs for powerlifters and general strength enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned!

Blog Posts

Fitness is a Roadtrip and You are the Driver

by: Byrin Wylie

Just getting into fitness? Treat it like you would a roadtrip: set a destination, plan your route, and give yourself ample time and resources to get there. Failure to do so may leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Cardio Isn’t Just For Weaklings

by: Byrin Wylie

Don’t let your balls get in the way, cardio is what all the cool kids are doing to get dem gains. Here’s a list of when, what, and how to implement the best non-ball hurting cardio into your routine without looking like a puny weakling.

Competition Tips to Unsuck Your Suck

by: Byrin Wylie

Shitting the bed sucks. So does shitting the bed at a competition. Here are a few strategies you can implement to keep your excrement off the platform and in the toilet where it belongs.

Learn from Stripper Squat IG Gurus

by: Byrin Wylie

Have you ever wondered why all the top IG fitness gurus do stripper squats? The short answer is it brings in views. The long answer is that it doesn’t matter what you do so long as you have a thicc buttocks, tight pants, and know how to show it off. Get down with the thicc-ness and reap all the benefits!

Client Testimonials

Chris B.

General Strength

As of writing this, I have completed eight weeks of training and topped it off with a PR session were I smashed my previous best lifts. Overall I’m a much better Lifter thanks to his Coaching and knowledge.  

5 Stars – Would Recommend.

September 2020

Nolan D.

General Strength

“Byrin was awesome with my training.  I have back problems and he was able to specialize the program so that I could still make gains while not risking injury.  I managed to set a PR on bench while on his program. He also found a way for me to do cardio and ab work that was  tough but fun, and I hate doing either of those things.

August 2020