“I was never special in my abilities or endeavors; I’m just too stubborn to accept mediocrity.”


8Growing up I’ve always been active: I was in martial arts for 7 years starting in elementary school, moved on to athletics in Jr and Sr High School, dedicated myself for almost a decade to the sport of footbag, tried my hand in bodybuilding, and ultimately found my way into powerlifting. I was never special in my abilities or endeavors; I’m just too stubborn to accept mediocrity. I know that the human body is capable of so much, and I am on a quest to find out what my body can achieve.

I have been competing in powerlifting since 2013, however I see myself just as much of a strength athlete as I do a powerlifter. Combining my love of strength with my bodybuilding experience, my training style revolves around strength building on the basic lifts whilst employing bodybuilding-style accessory work to create a strong, aesthetic, and well-rounded physique. Powerlifting is my competitive outlet and offers me an objective measure of my efforts. When I am not in-season training for powerlifting, I enjoy doing power-building style workouts aimed at increasing my strength base and building lean body mass.

My accomplishments in powerlifting include a 635kg total in the 83kg weight class with a competitive best of 210kg squat, 150kg bench press, and a 285kg deadlift. Off the platform, my other feats of strength include a 507lb conventional deadlift, a 425lb paused high bar squat, and a 353lbs bench press. I still haven’t curled 135lbs though 🙁

My current competitive goals are a 225kg squat, 165kg bench press, and a 305kg deadlift. Currently I have my sights set on my Masters debut in a few years so training is largely focused around small improvements, making smart training decisions, and staying injury-free. 

Byrin Wylie

Byrin Wylie


Competitive Experience


2013 Urban Athletic Games
2014 Heroes of Iron
2014 Powersurge
2017 Smartlifts Open
2019 Last Chance Open
2022 Grit Power


2014 Western Canadian Championships
2017 Alberta Provincial Championships
2017 Western Canadian Championships
2018 Western Canadian Championships
2020 Alberta Provincial Championships
2022 Western Canadian Championships


2018 CPU National Championships
2023 CPU National Championships





Canfit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist

CPU Coaching Certificate (In Progress)

NCCP Competitive Coaching (In Progress)

CSCS Certificate (Future)

Precision Nutrition (Future)


Powerlifting is critically objective, brutally honest, and stringently consistent. There are no shortcuts, no gimmicks, and no excuses.

Just like your fitness journey should be.

General Strength

When you focus on getting stronger, other aspects of health can be achieved. It’s not just the weight you lift:

Strength is about being capable and confident in every activity you do.

Muscle Building

Increasing muscle mass is a key component in the strength-building process: big muscles move big weights. Period.

Be strong and look strong.