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In-Person Coaching Plus



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In-Person Coaching Plus

Product Description

In-Person Coaching Plus services include:

  • All services offered in In-Person Coaching:
    • 1-on-1 coaching services at a frequency of one session every week
      • 60 minute session
      • Hands on exercise demonstration
      • Technical analysis and real-time feedback
      • Movement analysis on the basic human movement patterns
        • Squat, hinge, press, pull, carry
    • Guided workouts supervised by a qualified coach
      • Workouts created to meet the skills and goals of the client
      • Intensity and workout difficulty tailored based on daily stress and energy levels
      • Exercise tracking to ensure progress
  • All services offered in Online Coaching
    • Workout Preparation Routine
      • General warm up recommendations
      • Mobilization exercises to keep you moving in ranges of motion that you should to help you perform optimally
      • Activation exercises aimed at increasing muscle engagement during your main movements
    • Custom Programming
      • Every program is tailored to your needs as an individual to help you achieve results
        • Phases of training aimed at accomplishing a primary goal to improve performance
          • Range from 8 weeks to 6 months
        • Blocks of training, each with their own subset of goals, build upon each other to accomplish the primary goal of each phase
          • Range from 4 – 8 weeks
        • Exercises picked based on the skills and ability of the individual, and the goals of the block and phase of training
        • Loading parameters (sets, reps, intensity, and relative intensity) chosen with the needs and capabilities of the individual in mind
    • Nutritional Recommendations
      • Guidelines for protein, carbs, fat, and water intake to maximize performance and body re-composition (IIFYM)
      • Tailored to your goals: bulking, maintenance, or weight loss
    • All major exercises are tracked for performance based clients, while body weight and caloric intake is tracked for clients with a focus on body re-composition
      • This allows us to dial in with what works, and what does not
  • Ideal for clients of all skill and experience levels
    • Follow a program that is tailored to your needs and goals with the freedom and independence of working out by yourself
    • In-Person Coaching service can be used based on your wants and needs as a client
      • Powerlifting athletes
        • Utilize the in-person session to optimize your competitive lifts
      • Experienced clients and strength enthusiasts
        • Fine-tune your strength movements for optimal progress with a weekly check-in session
      • New clients to the gym experience
        • Learn new exercises and workouts so you can feel confident in working out on your own
      • 60 minute consultation service
        • Learn about programming, exercise selection, movement patterns, general nutritional advice, or any powerlifting related topic

Additional Information

Service Frequency

One 60 minute in-person coaching session every week OR 4 in-person coaching sessions every month, scheduled at your convenience
Monthly programming services


$300 / month + GST


All services included in In-Person Coaching and Online Coaching.

In-Person Coaching Plus


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