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In-Person Coaching



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In-Person Coaching

Product Description

In-Person Coaching services include:

  • 1 – on – 1 coaching services
    • 60 minute session
    • Hands on exercise demonstration
    • Technical analysis and real-time feedback
    • Movement analysis on the basic human movement patterns
      • Squat, hinge, press, pull, carry
  • Guided workouts supervised by a qualified coach
    • Workouts created to meet the skills and goals of the client
    • Intensity and workout difficulty tailored based on daily stress and energy levels
    • Exercise tracking to ensure progress
  • Ideal for all levels of experience
    • Powerlifting athletes looking for technical refinement on the competitive lifts
    • More experienced clients looking for technical optimizations on their primary or big compound lifts
    • Newer clients who feel more comfortable having a qualified coach with them in their workouts
    • Clients of all backgrounds and skills wanting to try a new style of training

Additional Information

Service Frequency

60 minute session scheduled at your convenience


$75 / session + GST


1-on-1 coaching service for 60 minutes
Exercise demonstration
Technical analysis and feedback
Supervised workouts based on the skills and needs of the client

In-Person Coaching


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