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Online Coaching Plus

Product Description

Online coaching plus services include:

  • All services included in the Online Coaching Services
    • Workout Preparation Routine
      • General warm up recommendations
      • Mobilization exercises to keep you moving in ranges of motion that you should to help you perform optimally
      • Activation exercises aimed at increasing muscle engagement during your main movements
    • Custom Programming
      • Every program is tailored to your needs as an individual to help you achieve results
        • Phases of training aimed at accomplishing a primary goal to improve performance
          • Range from 8 weeks to 6 months
        • Blocks of training, each with their own subset of goals, build upon each other to accomplish the primary goal of each phase
          • Range from 4 – 8 weeks
        • Exercises picked based on the skills and ability of the individual, and the goals of the block and phase of training
        • Loading parameters (sets, reps, intensity, and relative intensity) chosen with the needs and capabilities of the individual in mind
    • Nutritional Recommendations
      • Guidelines for protein, carbs, fat, and water intake to maximize performance and body re-composition (IIFYM)
      • Tailored to your goals: bulking, maintenance, or weight loss
    • All major exercises are tracked for performance based clients, while body weight and caloric intake is tracked for clients with a focus on body re-composition
      • This allows us to dial in with what works, and what does not
  • All services included in the Competitive Coaching Services
    • Mobilization, activation, and warm up protocol for each of the powerlifts
    • Attempt selection guidance
    • Post-lift feedback
    • Spokesperson to address the jury

This package has an obligation period of 12 months. Payment can be made on a monthly basis or paid in full at the beginning of the service period.

Additional Information

Service Frequency

Programming services are monthly
Competition handling services determined by athlete's competitive schedule


$115 / month + GST
Minimum 6 month obligation


All services included in Online Coaching services and Competition Coaching services

Online Coaching Plus


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