Client Testimonials

Kayla L.


"I am a 72kg powerlifter in the APU/CPU, been powerlifting for about 2 years. My goals are to get stronger in all 3 lifts and go to nationals sometime!

I met Byrin roughly 2 years ago and been training with him for 3 months receiving an online program (via email) and training sessions in person. But have trained with him prior a number of times. 

The in-person training experience is phenomenal. Byrin is very knowledgeable with form, technique, and also the mental aspect of powerlifting. Every time I book a session with him I know I am getting an amazing lift in! 

Since training under Byrin my form for all three lifts has improved substantially which in turn has made all what was heavy weights start to move quickly! I am surprised by how my strength has come while only being with Byrin for a couple months. 

Byrin also goes above and beyond with getting back to me very quickly to my often daily questions and concerns with anything from nutrition to my mentality to a lift that day."

October 2020

Chris B.

General Strength

"Squats and deadlifts have always been exercises that made me nervous. I know enough that you can cause serious injury if not done correctly.  I decided to reach out to Evolve Strength on the South Side to request a Trainer who can help me learn how to do these lifts correctly and safely. 

They put me in touch with Byrin. From there, it was a meet and greet, and I quickly settled on in-person coaching at Evolve with his 4-week block training programs. 

He corrected the technique that allowed me to get much lower in the squat in the first session. He got me comfortable with deadlifting. He is hands-on, always making sure you feel good the day after; if any tweaks had to be made to my program. He even reached out to my Physiotherapist to ensure the training program would accelerate my goals at Physio. He is very much there to help, not just in the gym, but the entire time you’re a client of his. 

As of writing this, I have completed eight weeks of training and topped it off with a PR session were I smashed my previous best lifts. Overall I’m a much better Lifter thanks to his Coaching and knowledge.  

5 Stars – Would Recommend."

September 2020

Nolan D.

General Strength

"Byrin was awesome with my training.  I have back problems and he was able to specialize the program so that I could still make gains while not risking injury.  I managed to set a PR on bench while on his program. He also found a way for me to do cardio and ab work that was  tough but fun, and I hate doing either of those things."

August 2020

Stephanie P.


"Before I met Byrin and started training with him my knowledge in the gym was minimal at best. He worked with me first starting with general strength to build a good baseline to work off of and then we moved into powerlifting specific training. He worked to improve my technique and develop good movement patterns. Byrin is also a very personal coach, a good motivator, and will always meet you where you are at to ensure that your training is successful. With his training and expertise I was able to successfully compete in three powerlifting competitions, achieve a body weight bench press, over 2x body weight deadlift and close to 2x body weight squat."

August 2019

James K.

General Strength

"I was introduced to Byrin through a co-worker and have been working with him once per week for about 4 weeks now. He has helped me with a great, in person, training program to help maintain/improve my fitness and build lean body mass. So far, even in the short time I've been training with him, I've noticed a significant improvement in my technique as well as a rapid increase in weight for all my exercises. Byrin is always quick to answer any questions I have and even quicker to dispel common misconceptions that I've had about working out. He is also willing to modify the program to best suit my individual needs by substituting exercises that don't work well for me with either a variation of that exercise or something that is better suited to my abilities. All in all, I have enjoyed working with him and always look forward to our training sessions."

September 2020

Josh C.


"I reached out for coaching with Byrin to prep for the APU Provincials and he ran me through where I was strong and some things to fill in the gaps on my lifts. With the assistance and comprehensive training menu, I went into my competition prepped and his handling let me put everything into the lifts when the time came. A difference that goes the longest way with powerlifting."

September 2020

Zoe G.


"I am a 84+ kg powerlifter in the APU/CPU and have been powerlifting for 3 years. My goals are to get stronger, work towards being in the best physical shape I can be and maybe go to nationals in the future!

I first met Byrin 3 years ago when I was very new to weightlifting, wanted to try powerlifting and to be able to lift my own body weight with no idea where to start. He is very knowledgeable with his programming, talented in the ability to navigate the mental aspects of powerlifting with new and experienced clients and has the ability to keep you focused on your goals. He is always quick to respond to any questions about our programs, nutrition and he always checks in to see how it is going and what we could do better.

In-person training with Byrin has been some of the best experiences in the gym for me as someone who was very nervous to get in to this type of training in the beginning. Now as a long standing client, I know when I work with Byrin in-person I’m in for a great workout!

We have been working together for 3 years and I went from someone who had
never attempted a deadlift to someone who, in this time has been able to smash
past my body weight lifting goal and participated in two powerlifting meets,
winning in my weight class at the 2019 Bay Noppers Memorial!

I would encourage you to work with Byrin if you are needing an amazing coach to guide you as a beginner or someone to change up your lifting program.

10/10 would train with again."

October 2020

Shawn D.

General Strength

"I was tired of being the fat lazy guy. I mean, I like Doritos but the diabetes was right around the corner! I knew that if I was really going to give it my best shot then I'd need a trainer to hold me accountable.

That's when I contacted Byrin.

Byrin was able to create a custom workout that suited my needs perfectly. If there was a workout that wasn't working due to an injury then he was able to change it to something that would work.

He's a comforting presence to have by your side when you need a sport or when your form is all messed up. He's able to correct to get to that next PR!

Thanks to his upbeat attitude and willingness to listen to hsi clients, Byrin not only is a fantastic trainer but he becomes a really great friend. My goals were to gain strength and lose body weight and in just a few short months I've hit many of my personal goals.

I look forward to continuing my partnership with Byrin for many more months and yars to come. If you were like me and need a reason to get to the gym then contact Byrin today!"

November 2020

Caleigh B.

General Strength

"I've been training with Byrin for a few weeks now and it's hard for me to even put into words just how much he's helped me. I came to him not knowing a single thing about the gym or how to safely move my body and although it hasn't been long, I feel like a totally new and confident person.

I don't have much experience at the gym but from our frequent workouts, I can really tell he's the right fit for me as it feels more like I'm hanging out with a friend who pushes me to do things I didn't even know that I could do, more so than a trainer who's doing a job.

I leave our sessions feeling strong, accomplished, and proud. I couldn't ask for anyone better because they simply don't exist."

November 2020

Alex R.


"I've worked with Byrin for almost 3 years now. In that time I've accomplished so much. He helped me hit PRs in the 3 major lifts, one of which took me over 6 years to beat. He also helped me to hit weight goals I never even considered. Working with him has been an extremely positive experience.

I have been weight training for at least 12 years. I had hit a PR on squats of 295lbs with my goal of getting to 315lbs. In 6 years I still couldn't get passed 295lbs, I would always get injured. A couple of years ago Byrin started a squat club. After a couple months of working with him I not only hit my goal of 315lbs but surpassed it and did 325lbs for 3 REPS! I never would have been able to do it without his support and expertise. When he started a bench club you bet your ass I was first in line to sign up. During bench club I was able to hit a long time goal of 225lbs. Through normal training with him he helped me to determine that my body was better suited for sumo deadlifts. Once he got me comfortable with the movement and technique my numbers soared. My present PR for deadlifts is 400lbs. I have no doubt that I will surpass all these accomplishments.

I have struggled with weight for most of my life. Always being a bit on the chubbier side. When I started working with Byrin I thought I was at a pretty good weight for my body. I was around 183lbs, and in my mid 30s. When I started working with Byrin my goal was to do a powerlifting competition and he convinced me the lighter the better. So after discussing a plan with him I set out on the journey to drop to 163lbs. He constantly checked in with me and held me accountable. He adjusted my macros whenever something didn't seem to work. In 3 months I had hit my goal. I WAS 163LBS! I hadn't weighed that little since high school. I was even heavier than that after completing basic training for the military when I was 25. So now I sit around 165lbs but Byrin has already planted the seed of dropping to 155lbs, something I've never considered was a real possibility before working with him.

Honestly working with Byrin has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. He has helped me to reach goals I never thought possible and has given me the confidence to believe that the unobtainable is actually obtainable. His expertise has been paramount in my success. When injuries occurred he was ready with alternate exercises and immediately started coming up with plans on how to maintain strength so that when the injury passed it didn't take long to get back on track. Aside from his training abilities he is a very genuine person. He is an extremely caring person and is genuinely excited when you are successful. He not only checked in on how I was doing physically but emotionally as well. He is always willing to listen and help me when I am going through personal issues. I not only consider him a great coach and trainer, I also consider him to be a great friend. I am excited to keep working with him and continue to smash through goals."

December 2020